Hey, I’m Harry, and I have created this blog to journal my experiences throughout the world. Everything I have experienced has been through social interactions, work, and events throughout my traveling career. I have been traveling for over 4 years now and have finally mustered up the courage to create this blog for everyone to experience the world from my point of view.

The aim of this website is simple.

Use my own experiences in the hope to highlight all cultures, norms, and interactions with genuine humans all across the world. Through my own experiences, I hope to present a truthful and honest description of what traveling is really about and how you might work towards reaching a goal similar to mine. I’m convinced that my experiences will be useful to you no matter what type of travel you’re interested in, when it comes to exploring new places, you have come to the correct place and I can not wait to show you what I’ve experienced over my time traveling.

About Myself

I’m 32 years old and a carpenter by trade, I have been in the industry since I left high school when I was 18 and started a school-based apprenticeship. I worked my way up through the ranks and finished my apprenticeship at the age of 22. Throughout this apprenticeship, I worked on a lot of jobs which ranged from residential new build homes, commercial blocks and apartments, concreting, formwork, and roofing.

The building business includes all these trades but I ended up specialising in the roofing trade. The roofer constructs renovates and repairs many varieties of roofs, including those made of tile, slate, flagstone, thatch, zinc, or copper. I had to handle the finishing touches, such as the installation of gutters for collecting rainwater, the addition of skylights and roof windows, the installation of thermal insulation, and the connection of chimneys. The work is done outside, under all weather conditions which can make for pretty intense work conditions as you have to be quick and brave enough to work in less-than-comfortable circumstances. . I was always held accountable and strictly adhere to all safety guidelines, or else I risked endangering myself and my team as I was the leading hand for these jobs because every approximation impacts the waterproofing of, he must also be careful.

As I was such a jack of all trades, it allowed me to move into a more senior role, becoming the leading-hand, which in turn resulted in a project manager role.

Although the early mornings and the labour was tough at times (especially on apprentice wages), it allowed me to develop a great work ethic which I believe I can see on a daily bases. Although after endless hours in the elements and long days, i suffered from burnout which alot of people within the industry tend to experience. Which then led to myself hanging up the boots and travelling the world on my own.

Currently, I have traveled to over 40 countries while working remotely helping other constructions trade and have not looked back since. So come along with me on the journey and hope you enjoy this blog as much as i loved writing it.