Concrete Canberra Solutions

As I was traveling through Australia, I tend to get the urge to pick up the tools now and then. My friend that I had met on my travels in Canberra referred me to a friend of his that he had traveled with, who always worked on the go 24/7. We got in contact and, in a traditional Australian way, he told me to “meet him at his job site ASAP mate.” I hopped in my rental car and immediately went to the jobsite he was working on, to my surprise they were doing a large decorative concrete driveway on a beautiful terrace home. The work being done by this team of 5 was immaculate and at such a large scale was kind of unbelievable it could be actually done. The amount of detail and mass that had been produced and scattered throughout the job was just insane and i could not fathom how this was produced by only such a small team.

I ended up having a brief conversation with the boss and just like that he said if i wanted work he love to have me on board. I worked 3 days a week for the next 4 months with works ranging from pool surrounds, stamped concrete designs, and concrete slabs all being used with different aggregates and materials such as coloured concrete and exposed aggregate.

It was a tough but fun job and the chat that I witnessed was not English but it was a great time working with this team. They knew what they needed to do and all of them were experts in the field, everything to them was like clockwork, and to this day am amazed at just how hard and talented these guys really were.